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Pink Moss Agate Tumble

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Gorgeous Pink Moss Agate polished Tumbles. These tumbles are absolutely incredible no matter which shade of pink they are, there is not one bad tumble in this lot! If you love Moss Agate you should without a doubt fall in love with Pink Moss Agate.

This listing is for one tumble, you choose either under 1.5" or over 1.5".  

Pink moss agate may assist you with healing and releasing emotional trauma.  Gently urges you to release any situation that angers or hurts you, opening you to forgiveness. Pink moss agate may also help to heal any imbalances between parent and child, promoting love and acceptance. It may soothe internal tension and support you in staying focused, concentrating, and voicing your truth.

***Seller makes no claims that this item has supernatural powers, it is a curio item only.

This is not a replacement for medical or professional help!***