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Ocean Jasper Heart

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Large puffy OJ Heart with natural caves and a few druze spots. Nice banding and light creams and yellows with some dark green.

Measurements:  3.73" x 3.34" x 2.25"

Ocean Jasper® is not a jasper.  It is an orbicular chalcedony instead.  It consists of spherical chalcedony, quartz and chalcedony grains, and star bursts and druzes of quartz crystals.  Ocean Jasper® was discovered in October 1999 by Paul Obeniche near the village of Marovato.  Mr. Obeniche is the mentor of Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth.  We took over operations of the mines when he retired in 2013.  Rough material has been found alone, washed out by severe weather, in small pockets, or in a number of different veins.  Each vein has distinct characteristics