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Moss Agate Tumbled Stone

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Beautiful chunky Moss Agate polished tumbles.

One tumble intuitively chosen by me.

These tumbles are nice quality Moss Agate with many druzy pieces as well as a few pieces with red.

Average Measurements:Tumbles are 1-2"

Moss Agate:

Element: Earth

Chakras: Root, Heart

Metaphysical: Encourages peaceful temperament, lessens mood swings, helps develop stronger will, opens inner doors to communion with Nature spirits, helps one find and adhere to one's higher purpose, releases negative karma

Disclaimer: The information provided about Moss Agate and its potential uses is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Crystals, including Moss Agate, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. The use of crystals should not replace or substitute professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health-related concerns or psychological issues, please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional or mental health practitioner. The use of crystals is a personal choice, and the effects experienced may vary from person to person. Always use crystals responsibly and with an open mind, understanding that they are not a guarantee of specific outcomes.