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Old Stock Ocean Jasper Sphere

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3rd or 4th Vein Old Stock Morovato Ocean Jasper Extra Grade Sphere. This is a new release Old Stock Sphere from old remaining rough. It is incredible with small chalcedony "jelly" areas and botryoidal druzy pockets that dance in the light as well as small druzy pockets and pockets just beneath the surface that dance in the light. It is a magical sphere with peachy pink and gray/silver and white. Stunning magical Ocean Jasper!  This sphere was obtained from the owners of the Ocean Jasper mine.

Approximate measurements:
Diameter: 2.65 inches (67.2mm)
Weight: 13.6 ounces (384g)

Ocean JasperTM is a unique mixture of quartz grains, star bursts of quartz points, and orbicular chalcedony producing spherical patterning like bull's eyes.  Trace minerals and elements famously color it in a large palette naturally.  While the material found near the village of Kabamby tends to be primarily green and yellow, with touches of red and cream, the material found near the village of Marovato tends to be multicolored instead.