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Veinless Ocean Jasper FreeForm

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Genuine Veinless Ocean Jasper Extra Grade Free from. This free from has pockets of well defined orbs and more chalcedony like where you can see peachy orbs underneath the surface where light is allowed in. Beautiful brushes of red hues with pinky peachy against the deep rich forest green. The druzy is incredible with defined botryoidal in one pocket. I obtained this piece from the owners of the Ocean Jasper mine.

Approximate measurements:
Weight: 3 pounds 2 ounces (1416g)
Height: 9 inches
Width: 3.5 inches

Ocean JasperTM is a unique mixture of quartz grains, star bursts of quartz points, and orbicular chalcedony producing spherical patterning like bull's eyes.  Trace minerals and elements famously color it in a large palette naturally.  While the material found near the village of Kabamby tends to be primarily green and yellow, with touches of red and cream, the material found near the village of Marovato tends to be multicolored instead.