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Veinless Ocean Jasper Palm

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 This top grade palm (pebble) is from the two pockets most recently found outside of the 8th Vein.

Approximate measurements: 2.08" x 1.89" x 1.02"
Weight: 92g

Ocean JasperTM is an orbicular chalcedony found only along the northwestern coast of Madagascar.  It was discovered in October 1999 by Paul Obeniche after years of unsuccessful searching.  The first two veins of the material were exhausted in 2006.  Enter the Earth took over operations of the mine in 2013 and has found five additional deposits.  Paul was the mentor of Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth.

Ocean JasperTM is a unique mixture of quartz grains, star bursts of quartz points, and orbicular chalcedony producing spherical patterning like bull's eyes.  Trace minerals and elements famously color it in a large palette naturally.  While the material found near the village of Kabamby tends to be primarily green and yellow, with touches of red and cream, the material found near the village of Marovato tends to be multicolored instead.

The deposit was first located by finding pieces in the surf.  The veins were then found underground and worked nearby.  It was named Ocean JasperTM after its surprise discovery in the tides and its resemblance to waves, ripples, and water drop rings.