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Tangerine Quartz Cluster

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Tangerine Quartz Cluster- You will receive this exact cluster

Approximate dimensions-
3.05" x 2.53"

**You will be receiving the piece shown in the pictures and videos. Pictures and videos have not been edited nor altered in any way. All minerals/crystals vary in size, shape and color and color can and will vary depending on the lighting.**

Tangerine quartz is the uncommon, orange variety of quartz.  Its variety name alludes to its color.  Tangerine quartz has few collecting localities.  Its primary source is Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The physical properties of tangerine quartz are the same as those of quartz [silicon dioxide, SiO2], with the exception of its diagnostic, yellow-orange to orange colors, which are created by a uniform coating  of particulate hematite [iron oxide, Fe2O3].  Tangerine quartz crystallizes in the hexagonal system and occurs mainly in granite pegmatites and metamorphic environments as short-to-long, horizontally striated, hexagonal, prismatic crystals with pyramidal terminations.  It colors range from light yellow-orange to intense rusty orange.  The quartz itself is transparent and colorless, but the hematite coating makes the crystals appear sub-transparent to sub-opaque.  It has a Mohs hardness of 7.0, conchoidal fracture, dull luster, and specific gravity of 2.65.  Tangerine quartz must not be confused with citrine, the golden-yellow gem variety of macrocrystalline quartz.
Tangerine quartz is collected for its distinctive orange colors and unusual association with hematite.