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Phantom Calcite Slab, Zebra Calcite

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**This piece is flawed/damaged. Please read the description before purchasing**
Phantom Calcite (aka Zebra Calcite) Slab. Zebra (Phantom) Calcite slab with gray hues and very unique pattern. This piece looks like it has dig marks from a grinding wheel, maybe. The flaws are not always noticeable when on display, depending on how the light hits the slab. I have included pictures showing the flaws/damage. The price reflects the flaws in this slab as well.  

Approximate Measurements:
Length: 12"
Width: 4"
Thick: 9.5mm
Weight:  1 lb 12.6 oz (810g)

These slabs make a great eye catching home decor piece and is also safe for dry foods, like crackers, breads, nuts, etc. I do not recommend putting wet food items directly on this slab as the material is porous.

Gorgeous material and every piece is visibly unique. If you are looking for an eye catching statement piece at a truly affordable price this material is it!

Zebra Calcite, also known as "Phantom Calcite", is an uplifting stone that helps to clear negative energy and create balance within a space.

Not to be confused with Western Australian zebra stone, Zebra Calcite was discovered in Mexico in 2020.

Zebra Calcite is a combination of calcium carbonate minerals including black calcite, white calcite, and orange calcite. It is formed when sand and other "phantom" minerals fill spaces in the calcium carbonate which creates the wavy "zebra" striations.

Zebra Calcite is meant to promote Cleansing, Balance, and Positivity. It can help to rid any environment of energy that feels unsettled, chaotic, or heavy. It's names come from its zebra-like stripes which are created by "phantom" minerals.