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Phantom Calcite Slab

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Phantom Calcite (aka Zebra Calcite) Slab. Gorgeous material and every piece is visibly unique. If you are looking for an eye catching statement piece at a truly affordable price this material is it!


Length: 13"
Width: 5"
Thick: 10.9mm
Weight:  2 lb 3.2 oz (998g)

Zebra Calcite, also known as "Phantom Calcite", is an uplifting stone that helps to clear negative energy and create balance within a space.

Not to be confused with Western Australian zebra stone, Zebra Calcite was discovered in Mexico in 2020.

Zebra Calcite is a combination of calcium carbonate minerals including black calcite, white calcite, and orange calcite. It is formed when sand and other "phantom" minerals fill spaces in the calcium carbonate which creates the wavy "zebra" striations.

Zebra Calcite is meant to promote Cleansing, Balance, and Positivity. It can help to rid any environment of energy that feels unsettled, chaotic, or heavy. It's names come from its zebra-like stripes which are created by "phantom" minerals.

Disclaimer: The information provided about Phantom Calcite and its potential uses is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Crystals, including Phantom Calcite, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. The use of crystals should not replace or substitute professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health-related concerns or psychological issues, please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional or mental health practitioner. The use of crystals is a personal choice, and the effects experienced may vary from person to person. Always use crystals responsibly and with an open mind, understanding that they are not a guarantee of specific outcomes