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"Lilac Agate", Dendritic White Agate Sphere

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Approximate Measurements:

Diameter: 2.19"

Weight: 7.4oz (208g)

"Lilac Agate", a name for this more rare form of dendritic agate from Madagascar, has a unique play of natural light purple agate with light green to cream and white agate with sprays of delicate black dendrites.  While agates are often dyed purple in the market, finding natural purple shades in agate is quite rare.  

Dendritic agate is a variety of chalcedony with branching iron or manganese oxide inclusions that developed along fine cracks. (Although commonly believed to be pyrolusite, research suggests other manganese oxides are responsible instead.) The name comes from the Greek dendrites (“tree like”).  Dendritic agate may have fern like patterning or less distinctive spots and splotches.  The latter is sometimes called mosquito agate.