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Chrome Chalcedony

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High saturation green Chrome Chalcedony from Turkey.  The video shows the stunning shimmer and sparkle this piece has.

Weight: 4.5oz (126g)
Approximate Measurements: 2.00"x1.59"x1.64"

Chrome chalcedony is a sea-green to emerald-green variety colored by chromium. This largely untreated green chalcedony variety typically comes from Zimbabwe, where it’s called Mtorolite or Mtorodite. Chalcedony colors occur because of impurities like copper, iron, nickel, titanium, and chromium. The most common chalcedony color in single-colored stones is white, but pale shades of purple, gray, or blue are also common. What is the rarest color of chalcedony? Naturally deep blue chalcedony with uniform coloring is the rarest and most valuable, though pink is also pretty rare. Chalcedony blue hues are vast, often with pink or gray undertones. Higher saturation will mean higher prices in any natural chalcedony color.