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Chrysocolla from Peru

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Beautiful piece of Chrysocolla from Peru. Deep rich blue teal color with cluster that looks like a flower, (to me).

Approximate measurements:  2.51" x 1.70" x 0.54"
Width: 30g


The rarest and best quality is chrysocolla chalcedony with turquoise-like colour, but harder and chemically more stable than turquise. It comes from several copper mines in Arizona, Mexico, Taiwan and Peru.

The name Chrysocolla derives from Greek chrysos - gold and kolla - glue, referring to its use as a flux in soldering gold. The term was used from antiquity.

Pure chrysocolla is a soft and fragile material. Much of the chrysocolla used in jewellery consists of very attractive cabochons of green or blue chrysocolla impregnating either rock crystal or opal.

Chrysocolla is often found in a matrix of quartz, in which case the optical and physical properties may be closer to those of quartz.

Chrysocolla covered by druses of small sparkling quartz crystals is called "Drusy Chrysocolla" and is very popular for jewelry. It is found in Peru.