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Blue Onyx Sphere

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Blue Onyx Sphere

Approximate Dimensions:
Diameter: 2.49" (63.2mm)
Weight: 12.9oz (366g)

(You will be receiving the piece shown in the pictures and videos. Pictures and videos have not been edited nor altered in any way. All minerals/crystals vary in size, shape and color and color can and will vary depending on the lighting.)

The blue onyx actually refers to the kind of onyx stones, which are dyed in various shades of blue. the blue onyx is linked to the throat chakra and has amazing properties, which are inherent to all kinds of onyx.

Blue Onyx will appear in shades of blue. It has a hardness of between six to seven on the MOH scale, and its luster may be vitreous or silky. It may be banded or unstripped. The chemical composition revealed it to be a banded or striped variety of the silicate mineral of Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony is not striped and appears to be a bit transparent.

Blue Onyx is an “Agate” gemstone. Blue Agate will have white stripes, and the blue part is primarily dyed, but the white part is challenging to dye and will mostly stay intact. Onyx and Agate are all varieties of the layered Chalcedony and are only different in their striped or band forms. Onyx also has parallel bands, while Agate has curved bands.

Disclaimer: The information provided about Blue Onyx and its potential uses is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Crystals, including Blue Onyx, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. The use of crystals should not replace or substitute professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any health-related concerns or psychological issues, please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional or mental health practitioner. The use of crystals is a personal choice, and the effects experienced may vary from person to person. Always use crystals responsibly and with an open mind, understanding that they are not a guarantee of specific outcomes.